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Our mission is to bring our cultures close together, one station at a time!


Asia Rapid Team

As you make your journey, meet our spectacular team that will make their due dilligence to meet the expectations of smooth, culture-enriching journeys across Asia!

Dean Alexander Santos Buno


As the Chairman of this new exciting endeavor, I am proud to report that I have made use of knowledge of public transport and apply it through multiple cultures, as we are getting more interconnected with one another. Ever since this startup came to be, I had been willing to provide the best possible of travelling across Asia without resorting to just flights. Hence, I made my idea into fruition and has been doing well. Now, I have hired Garcia and Chew to help out in providing the best travel experiences.

Luisa Garcia

Lead Service Ambassador

I have always wanted to ensure that the people travelling via our service have the smoothest possible experience. When Asia Rapid hired me, it provided me the great opportunity to ensure that we follow the standards of what make this rail service great, helping out the elderly, children, and people with disabilities. I am always pleased to help serve people their needs for smooth journeys. With the help of Buño's leadership, we will be determined to leave a lasting impression on your journey.

Timothy Chew

Lead Supervisor

I am highly passionate of what I do in ensuring that our rolling stock is up to the task in carrying billions of people all around Asia with efficiency, speed, and safety. With Buño at the helm, we are to ensure the upmost quality of the "Bullets of Asia" that the journeys remain smooth during operation. Our main group has a bright future and that there is more room for us to grow as a team, and as a company.